Newborn Photo Shoots

Lollipop Photography specialises in newborn photo shoots in Bridgwater, Somerset. The birth of a newborn baby is one of the most precious moments in your life. As a mother of three children, I know how quickly the first few weeks can disappear into a tired haze.

Newborn photographers can creatively capture the freshness of a newborn baby, to cherish forever, when the haze is long forgotten. A newborn photo shoot is something you, as parents or grandparents, will treasure forever.

Newborn photo shoot timings

Book the shoot whilst the mother is still pregnant – usually at around the six-month stage. If it is me you choose I can then pencil you into my diary, and, as the time draws nearer, we can rearrange if needed.

Newborn photography is best done when baby is between 4-14 days old before they become too awake and start to uncurl. At this time they are still flexible enough to position into gorgeous ‘womb-like’ poses.

The newborn session with me usually takes around 3-4 hours. That way we will have plenty of time to make sure baby is settled, often in a deep sleep, before we start. However, photography with a newborn cannot be rushed – and baby will dictate how long it takes!

Welfare of newborn baby during the photo shoot

It’s easy for me to spot an unhappy baby, and I consider the well-being of the baby first. Always. If things aren’t working out due to the baby being distressed, I offer to rearrange to a different date.

The parent will be present during the shoot, very often stood at my side, just out of shot, and sometimes I’ll ask for assistance with the photos by holding the head of the baby. I’ll edit out hands and arms during processing.

Me, settling a newborn baby for a photo shoot.

Outfits for a newborn photo shoot

I love to use wraps or woolly bottoms that are fuss free and very simple, but if you have a particular outfit that you are very keen to use, maybe an outfit from a grandparent, I will do my very best to arrange the right lighting. I currently use natural daylight for an even, well lit image.

Outfits for a newborn photo shoot

Props for a newborn photo shoot

I love being part of a newborn photo shoot because I can be creative with colour by styling the photo shoot with the props that have. The end resulting images are so beautiful!

Some of the many props I use range from wooden bowls, willow baskets or a tin bucket! Beautiful items, in which we can fit baby.

Lollipop Photography's props for  newborn photographs
Props for newborn baby photo shoot

Find some props for your new born photo shoot on Moon and Back Photo Props.

Newborn baby photo studio in Bridgwater

My studio is based at my home – I’ve made sure it is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere with everything I need on hand.

I have been photographing newborn babies professionally since 2013.

I’ve completed a training course with two of the leading UK newborn baby photographers. Through them I learnt correct and safe handling as well as positioning of the baby. Plus a very important tip – how to help get baby to sleep.

I wish I had known so much when my own children were babies.

Family photos with a newborn baby

Family photos with a newborn baby are usually up close, to highlight the bond between baby and mother, father or sibling.

Pregnancy photography or what I call ‘bump shoots’ take place when it is dark in my studio. This way I can use studio lights to create powerful black and white images.

I am so fortunate to be able to help you with your newborn photo shoot – so just contact me and we can arrange a future appointment.

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